Twitter Archive Eraser: a year in review

Exactly a year ago today I added some analytics to Twitter Archive Eraser to get some insights on how it is used and what kind of load it is handling.

For those who do not know what Twitter Archive Eraser is, head here to read mode. But in a nutshell: it is the best and easiest way out there to erase your oldest tweets. Period!

So without further ado, here are the numbers for tweets deleted between 1/1/2014 and 1/1/2015:
  • Total tweets deleted: +255,000,000
  • Number of unique users: ~25,000
  • Number of downloads all time (only from official website):
    • Standalone: 52,529
    • Installer: 30,265

  • Top 10 accounts:
    • User
      Total deleted tweets
  • Users per number of deleted tweets:
    • Deleted 0 to 10,000: 18,106
    • Deleted 10k to 20k: 767
    • Deleted 20k to 50k: 4865
    • Deleted 50k to 100k: 888
    • Deleted more than 100k: 235
It's amazing to see that more than 23 million tweets belonged to only 235 users!

  • Geographic distribution of users

Some happy users:

VoilĂ , if you feel like deleting some tweets you check Twitter Archive Eraser.

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