Develop Google Chrome Extensions, SVN ‘em All Now

The buzz these days is all about Google Chrome extensions, you can check the directory of the available extensions here, you can even publish you own extensions on the same website.
If you want to develop for Google Chrome extensions, you will be so pleased if you already know JavaScript, the extensions are some sort of JavaScript pages (frames) that interact with a variety of APIs.
The Google Extensions website for developers on Google Code - is really amazing (as all the other products explained by Google) and it’s too detailed and simple to follow and start getting your hands on the Chrome extensions.
After a while you will need to try out the examples they provide, and the best way is to checkout their ready-to-run samples using you favorite SVN tool, here I use TortoiseSVN for Windows and it’s working pretty cool.
In your favorite directory, right click in a free space and choose SVN Checkout.

svn1 On the next window, choose as the repository URL and there you go.
svn2 svn3
You get 3 folders : API, extensions and tutorials, inside the api folder you get all the examples of the api exposed by the Google Chrome extensions. The extensions folder contains 6 ready to use extensions which includes Gmail, Mappy, News and more.
This is a simple Twitter feed reader I coded in less than 15 minutes :) If you created something cool, let me know about it in the comments.

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