Learning OCaml, Questions From Stackoverflow.com

The most effective way to learn something new is by asking questions, and it’s the same for programming languages.

Below is a collection of question about the OCaml functional language from stackoverflow.com and it’s supposed to help you get your mind to work “OCaml”.

Learning OCaml (Fast)

Suppose I had to learn OCaml in a hurry. What would you suggest I read and/or do?

Know of an OCAML IDE?

Know of an OCAML/CAML IDE? Especially one that runs on Linux?

F# and OCaml

I hear that F# is derived from OCaml. How true is this statement? That is to say, are the resources available for learning OCaml useful to someone who wants to learn F#?…

What is the OCaml idiom equivalent to Python’s range function?

I want to create a list of integers from 1 to n. I can do this in Python using range(1, n+1), and in Haskell using: take n (iterate (1+) 1).

Why isn’t OCaml more popular?

On the other hand, ML languages are functional, garbage collected languages, and OCaml even has an object model, yet they have a reputation for being as fast as C. ML languages have the abstraction anyone could ask for to write high-level, concise code, yet it retains the speed necessary for writing high-performance applications…

In Functional Programming, what is a functor?

What are the differences between SML and Ocaml?

Why are functions in Ocaml/F# not recursive by default?

{X with value} in ocaml

Ocaml: Error - this expression has type x but is used with type x

Does != have meaning in OCaml?

OCaml: How does List.fold_left work?

Linked List Ocaml

Good projects to learn OCaml and F# 

OCaml resources?

For more resources check out the OCaml questions on stackoverflow, and don’t hesitate to leave a question there if you have any, it is a very active community.

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