Circular Links in You Twitter/Facebook updates

Say you want to insert a link for your tweet inside that same tweet, or want to link a facebook update inside the update itself. The issue with this is that: first you can’t know what will be the link to your new tweet/update, and second, once you post something on these sites you can’t change it (unlike Google Buzz for example).

I am used to celebrate my tweets which rank is of the form xxxx where 0<x<10 (I expect some technical knowledge for my reader :p), for example my 1111th and 6666th tweet, and usually the form of the tweet was :

wohoo, my xxxxth tweet [and a link to this same tweet here]

The idea was to use a link shortening service and do the following, we can use

  • Check if the url is not already taken, by typing it into the browser and checking that a Page Not Found error occurred which means the suffix WHAT_EVER_YOU_WANT_HERE is available.
  • post your tweet/update with the above link.
  • then take the link of the new tweet/update, shorten it with and custom the shortened url using the same suffix of the link above.

And by doing this, you finally have a circular link, targeting the same tweet/update which contains the same link targeting the same… you get the point.

Here is an example of a tweet:

A test tweet with a circular link

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