Bloginto 2.0 is here, with a lot of improvements

Bloginto is a Google Chrome extension that brings feeds from the Digg like websites called Bloginy for both the Algerian and the Moroccan

Today I’m pleased to announce that the version 2.0 of the extension is here, you can install it from or update it from the settings section in Google Chrome if you have already installed the previous version.

This new version $(‘was’).completely(‘jQuery’, ‘fied’), cleaner and reliable code has been introduced to make sure handling all the error cases by showing pretty informative messages to the user. Enough talking, here are the new features :

settings page

As you can see from the settings page :

  • You can choose the default view, the Algerian or the Moroccan Bloginy, this has been present in the previous versions, but it has an impact on the notifications of the unread and new arriving feeds, you will notified only when feeds from the default feed arrive.
  • The notification themselves notifications: the number shows the unread feeds count, it will refresh automatically and change when you read feeds or new ones become available.
  • Because you can vote on articles directly from the extension now, there is a section where you can save your user name and password for both, and
  • Timeouts for the request, you should make this bigger if you have slow internet, and the feeds timeout, this is the frequency of checking new articles on the website.
  • While reading feeds, you can mark them as read, and the extension offer you to hide read feeds, or just mark them with a different color.
  • And most of all, it is now multilingual, you can change the language from Arabic to French to English, and it works on the fly (God bless jQuery), if you need to know how this is done, here is the code that does it all :p

    $("span[name='lbl']").each(function(i, elt){

    where l is the resources language;

ar settings[12]

The extension itself allows the marking/hiding of the read posts, live voting and twittering the posts directly from the extension. You can toggle hidden posts by clicking on the button at the top. To vote, you simply click on the “like” icon, to twitter… well you click on the twitter icon and to mark a post as read, you click on the description of the post.

Finally, I hope Bloginy will get a little active after making the voting available directly and eventually allowing multiple languages that may match the users tastes.

The code source is available on Google Code at this address :

$(‘feed > back’).is({always: ‘welcome ;)’}) ;
Ramadan Mubarak for all, and that’s my present for you guys to spend more time “engaged” with the community.

main screenerror notifications

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