Twitter Archive Eraser version 4.0 available

Twitter Archive Eraser version 4.0 was released about a month ago (too lazy to update on the blog here) and comes with an exciting set of new features.

The major features introduced with version 4.0:

  • Zip archive loading: you can now load the whole twitter zip archive in one click without the need to add specific *.js files separately.
  • Automatic errors retry: Twitter Archive Eraser will track any tweets which were not deleted due to network or server side errors and offers to retry deleting them on the fly. You can also save a list of these tweets to delete later.
  • Filtering based on regular expressions: Retweets, mentions etc... You can get all these very easily with Regex based filtering.

Real time statistics and reporting:

One of the exciting features of Twitter Archive Eraser ver 4.0 is statistics. I used Windows Azure Websites and Table storage for this. One of the examples of how valuable are stats is checking the number of tweets deleted using the application in real time. Following is an example of the counter showing these numbers available on the main website of the application):

As for 9th of February 2014, Twitter Archive Eraser deleted ~28 million tweets and loaded ~75 millions, in 6 weeks!!


Twitter Archive Eraser version 4.0 comes with an updated licence. In a nutshell:
  • You can always use Twitter Archive Eraser for personal use and distribute it as you wish.
  • You cannot use Twitter Archive Eraser for commercial purposes nor derive works based on it.

If you wish to contribute to Twitter Archive Eraser, you are always welcome to do so on this repository on github at

Special thanks for Florent ( for his valuable suggestions.


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