Windows Phone 7 Hacks : the start…

So Windows Phone 7 haven’t been out for a long time and we have already started to see some hacks from around the web. In this post series, I’ll list the hacks and tips that I test myself on my Samsung Omnia 7. As a result I won’t be held responsible for you screwing anything up with your machine.

Diagnosis mode:

Diagnosis mode on Windows Phone 7 seems to be a way WP7 creators used to test the devices, fortunately, it is also used to enable and disable features on the phone, here is how to activate it:

  • type ##634# and press call, the diagnosis app should now be added to your applications
  • there are a lot of diagnosis codes that you can try, for instance :
    • *#03# will get you to the SMDInfo
    • *#05# will give you a very rich interface for testing capabilities, including Vibration, keys, Camera, TSP, Acceleration, Battery, Proximity, Loopback and Light
    • *#1234# will show a lot of information including the Wifi Mac address and the Bluetooth Mac address
    • *#06# shows the IMEI number
    • *#2222# some debugging stuff that I couldn’t figure out.


Enable tethering mode :

By going to the Diagnosis mode showed in the previous section, and typing *#7284# you will get the choice to change the connection to the PC from Zune sync, to Modem Tethered Call or Modem Usb Diag, more coverage about tethering here.

You need to note that using the device as a modem will enable you to connect your PC to internet using the phone’s network, I couldn’t reach this in France, since the dial-p numbers for SFR don’t seem to work for me (*#9# or *#9***1#).

Also, on Windows 7 x64, the phone won’t be detected, I suspect that the drivers are not signed and Windows reject them, hence you need to try the above method on a 32bit Windows.

Here is a screenshot for Samsung Omnia 7 installed as a modem on a Vista x86.



SD-Cards, are they seriously dead once put on a WP7 phone?

There have been a lot of talking about this one, and how magically Windows Phone 7 locks sd-cards so they become unreadable and cannot be formatted on any other machine.

It turns out that Symbian devices can actually format WP7 sd-cards, so if you got a nokia, you are clear, all your sd-cards are useful again, more on the topic here.


WP7 already rooted, jailbreaked?

It seems it will happen soon, some developers out there are claiming access to the wp7 filesystem, let’s hope it will happen soon, more here.

Windows Phone 7 filesystem access


Source code of apps on the Marketplace:

A very strange but true fact about wp7 and the Zune software, is that, when you use Zune to download apps from the Marketplace, you can sniff the traffic sent and returned to Zune to intercept the url of the application xap (a zip file containing binaries and resources of the app).

Once, this xap is downloaded (yeah, MS servers just give you the app happily without any authentication or anything), the DLLs could be disassembled to retrieve the original source code, using a tool such as .NET Reflector for example.

This is a sample of a url of an app from the Marketplace****id-here****/CurrentBinary.xap

More details will be discussed about this specific topic, from how to sniff packets till full disassembly (it is legal isn’t it?)


Mount a wp7 device as a USB drive:

Today, a small hack showed that wp7 can be mounted as a normal usb drive, but unfortunately, you can only copy files *from* wp7, I tried to copy files to wp7 including music and pictures, but it didn’t work, you can’t also create new directories neither.

Well, now it seems I am able to copy files into the phone :D. No, no, it is back, I cannot copy files into the phone, need more investigation it seems.

For how to make wp7 behaves as a USB drive, here is how

  • Open regedit, and locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB then search for ZuneDriver
  • Change ShowInShell from 0 to 1
  • Change PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell from 1 to 0
  • Change EnableLegacySupport from 0 to 1

Voila! just close that cursed Zune thing and the phone will show up as a USB driver as showed in the following pictures.

If you need assistance with pictures (!!) here’s a detailed post about it.


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